Basketball Guidance with ShadowPlayer Training

Having to grow up in a time without as much technology and guidance as there is today. Made learning anything just that much harder. With my parents divorcing when I was four years old and living with my mom, I felt that learning sports was going to be a joke. Luckily, I had a dad that loved me and still wanted to be around to show me things in life. When he wasn’t there, my step-dad stepped up to the plate. Thankfully, he loved sports so much, he showed me and my brother how to play quite a few of them. Basketball was always a favorite to play among the family.

My step-dad, brother, and I would play basketball almost everyday. Mike, my step-dad, was super athletic and watched basketball everyday. So, he had all kinds of tricks and plays. We always had so much fun, too. I learned a lot from him back then. Knowing what I know now, you could learn anything from the Internet.

Now, the technology has taken off so much. There are all sorts of training guides and youtube videos on how to shoot hoops. Actually, you can learn pretty much anything from sports to underwater basket weaving. The Internet has definitely made life a lot easier to shop, manage bills, learn sign language, sports, etc…

Below, you will find the next best training guide to be the best player on the court. This training guide is used by kids all over and is a great tool for coaches to teach their students. I just wish that I had back then, the opportunity the kids have today. And, with the easiness to find info on the Internet

The Best Guidance for Youth Basketball Training has reached an all-time new level. Developed by a long time Basketball Coach, Greg Decker. Here comes an incredible system for guidance and training Basketball like never before. Having the right tools is highly beneficial in getting the most out of your practice and training time.


Furthermore, Having the right tools when training your players is key. Basketball Training provided by Shadow Player, allows for a system to be used in coordination with the proper Training Tools. It is portable and easy to set up and utilize. As well as, Drills that aid in skill development for any and all levels of ability. This is a one size-fits-all training system. Its easy to use Youth Basketball Training System allows you to become a better coach. Also, helping your players to achieve and develop even better.

New Youth Basketball Training System

guidanceThe Shadow Player Training System has been designed for youth basketball skill development. Also, training youth players can form a strong “fundamentals foundation.” Which will in turn, help them to become better basketball players.  The Shadow Player Training System is unlike any other basketball training system on the market today. It comes complete with five specially designed and patented Shadow Player Drill Towers, a Skill Development Matrix, fun color skill drills, and a light-weight custom carrying bag for portability from gym-to-gym.  The “system” is designed to work for any level of basketball player from beginner to advanced, grade school to high school.  



The Shadow Player Training System  has light-weight plastic drill towers that replace tall cones and folding chairs and are uniquely portable. 5 drill towers in each set fold flat and slide into a portable bag, as well. The drill towers are easy to set-up and breakdown. Also, Individual or team drills can enhance their basketball skills. Dribbling/ball handling, shooting, footwork agility, passing, jump-stops, finishing around the basket, fakes/cuts, plyometric jumping, to name a few. You will also learn offensive attack moves or defensive court positioning. Color-diagrammed sample drills and a skill development matrix complete this highly effective youth basketball training system. Easy for coaches or players to use.


Youth Basketball Coaches:

guidanceYouth basketball coaches across the country are excited about what the Shadow Player Training System offers.  Based on feedback, they are impressed with how easy it is to set-up and breakdown on the basketball court during practices. In addtion, The Shadow Player Training System also makes practices more fun and efficient. Providing “variety” for those sometimes long youth basketball practices. And, the system allows individual players to work on their game by themselves. With various drills as the Drill Towers mimic players (or Shadow Players) on the court and are easy to move around.

guidanceThis new basketball training system has been featured at the following Kansas City area basketball camps. Rockhurst University, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Rockhurst High School, Park Hill South High School, and more! The system has also been featured at regional AAU/USSSA basketball tourneys and other special basketball organization events. 


Get Full Details and Guidance with the Best Basketball Training System on the Market