Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0


To be able to hypnotize somebody has always intrigued me. Just the thought of mind control over someone else, is just plain cool. After doing extensive research, I have found that being hypnotized can help you stop smoking, lose weight, and even feel more confident in yourself. You can also find peace and harmony of the mind, with hypnosis. I know that I have seen other people get cured from smoking, just from being hypnotized to not smoke anymore.
Here is one of the best hypnosis programs on the market today. If you follow the program, step by step, you will know how to hypnotize people quickly. One of the main things to remember is, be patient. Not everyone wants to be hypnotized, in which I feel they won’t be. You need to relax and want to have the hypnosis put upon you. Have fun learning this awesome art.

I know you came here looking for answers, so let’s keep this simple!

First of all, this site is NOT like all those other hypnosis sites out there. It will teach you something different, as well…

Additionally, you will learn the INSANELY controversial and the most EFFECTIVE hypnosis and mind control techniques that have turned the heads of hundreds…

And, guess what? People are talking for a reason, Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0!

This is advanced mental technology, also. If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosis” you won’t find it here.

Furthermore, on this site, you’ll find exactly how to mind control anyone you want, any time, any place, and all without them knowing.

Ok, so let’s get to it…

My name is Cameron Crawford, and I’m about to take you on a journey into one of the most intense and one of the most influential underground secret societies that has ever existed.

Here’s the story:

Mind Control was never just something I was interested in… It was always something I was obsessed with.

For years I was looking for the real “secrets” of mind control, but they just didn’t seem to be out there.

First and foremost, I wanted to learn the secrets of mind control that hardly ANYONE knew about. The secrets that would let me do stuff like:

  • Mind Control someone into finding me instantly attractive.
  • Make someone instantly forget ever meeting me.
  • Mind Control into being so fascinated by me they can’t get me out of their mind.

In addition, I wanted to have that knowledge, the kind of power that would let me do anything.

But, every course, book, and audio I could get my hands on was all the same old, outdated and rehashed information. I feel that never really taught me anything, as well.

Every single piece of information I ever found was useless.

And, by now, you probably know what I mean. You’ve seen all those “learn hypnosis sites” out there selling those crappy hypnosis eBooks. All of them are based on the same information that was written 20 years ago, as well.

Hell, I even bought most of them…

Then, after going through them all and finding nothing new, I started to lose hope… and then it happened.

The Phone Call That Changed My Life

The phone call was from a friend of mine, this friend owned and operated two auctions.

And, in one of his auctions, someone was selling a box of old books.

One of the books was an old, hand written journal of about 80 pages of intensely powerful information, also. It was the collected wisdom of an underground subculture that absolutely no one knew existed, as well.

First of all, this group had been secretly exchanging their knowledge for nearly a decade.

Besides, this small subculture revolved around one man who was only known as “The Professor”.

He was the most worshiped persuader in this secret community, as well

Also, Inside the pages of the journal, he spit out LONG detailed descriptions of techniques. Each, that read like algorithms of how to manipulate social situations and how to control anyone’s mind, too.

A lot of the techniques in the journal, he had come up with and they were all chronicled in intimate detail right there inside those pages.

The writing was filled with jargon of his own invention like:

Sliders, Shells, Claws, Sniper Inducer’s, String Theory and a whole lot more and they’d all become an integral part of this hypnosis secret society.

Apparently, The Professor along with around a dozen others had constantly tested insane new ideas and perfected them for years, too.

Additionally, inside these pages, they had documented a new kind of mental technology that they called “Dark Side Hypnosis”.


In fact, I’m so certain you’re going to

love this course. I’m so sure of it

that I’m offering you the following