Holiday Treats: Super Healthy Meals

Christmas Raw Chocolate Treats

“25 Super Healthy Christmas  Chocolate Treats”

The popularity of healthy treats is becoming more and more in demand. Having holiday treats that are healthy for you now, make it more enticing. The recipes in this book are so good that you wouldn’t believe that they are good for you. Looking at the pictures of the sweets, it’s hard to believe they are healthy for you. I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this to finally have the sweets that I want without feeling guilty.

It’s amazing on how far we have come in health food. To finally be able to eat sweets without guilt is a true blessing. Sit back, relax, and read up on how to make to best healthy sweets of the year. Your friends and family will be stunned on how good everything tastes. Better yet, how good everything is for them, as well. I know I was blown away on how good everything tastes, especially knowing how good it is for me. Enjoy this splendid holiday making healthy treats for friends and family.

Did you know that you can make all natural Christmas raw chocolate treats for the festive season that are not only amazingly healthy but incredibly delicious?

treatsDreading the Christmas Festivities?


Dreading Christmas because you know you will be tempted by all the unhealthy food you will be offered? Are you afraid your healthy eating habits will be out the door? And once you start on the junk food you know there will be no stopping you. How would you like a chocolate that is not only delicious but super healthy? Add to that, FAT BURNING, and you have the perfect solution to all your woes. My chocolate recipes are made with all raw natural ingredients:


  • cooked or processed foods
  • bad fats,
  • nasty chemicals
  • refined sugar.

They are brimming full of nutrients just the way nature intended.

Would you love to eat these tantalizing  treats below this Christmas?

Well now you can because they are super healthy and totally guilt free.

 If you think the pictures look tantalizing wait until you taste the chocolate!

Only $9.99!

Eat chocolate and take off weight. It doesn’t get any better than that!

See here for a list of all the delicious recipes in this great eBook

Incredibly my raw chocolates are FAT BURNING! Sound too good to be true? Go here to discover why my chocolate recipes are FAT BURNING Raw chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods on the planet but we make it into a unhealthy empty shell by all the heat processing and added bad fats, sugar and chemicals. Such a shame and no wonder chocolate is surrounded by so much guilt.

My name is Pamela Vinten. I am a nutritionist with a passion for healthy eating. Long ago I reluctantly cut chocolate out of my diet because I knew it was not a healthy food choice. When I discovered that you can make delicious healthy raw chocolates I was thrilled. I knew it was too good to keep to myself so I have written a series of eBooks based on raw chocolate and a healthy lifestyle. My new book “25 Super Healthy Christmas Chocolate Treats” will free you from the torment of struggling with your diet over the holiday period.  Now you can indulge freely! How good is that?treats

 This chocolate is too good to keep to myself so I have written a series of eBooks to release everyone from the guilt of eating chocolate. Let’s face it – we all know that chocolate is not really a healthy choice but who can resist – it is just too creamy and delicious!

I have the Answer in my Delicious Christmas Raw Chocolate Treats

My passion is to bring my delicious healthy raw chocolate low GI Christmas recipes  to as many people as possible so I’ve made my eBook very affordable. 


Enjoy chocolate freedom with my compliments. You are going to love  it and so will your body!.