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I have always wondered how they do magic. All smoke and mirrors from what I am told by everybody. I know that watching a really good magician gives me goosebumps and really puts a smile on my face. There are so many good magicians out there, but there is nothing like being the best.

Here is the best way to learn magic on your own time by a professional magician. This is super exciting information and tricks to learn for all ages. My son is starting to pick up magic and is getting pretty good at it too. He is mostly doing card tricks right now, but has tried to pick up other magic tricks. Which he has performed without mishap. Definitely a proud parent moment with every trick he learns.

Below, you will find some testimonies, a video, and a magic trick to help get you started. The more you practice, the better you will get and the more excited you will be when you perfect the trick. To learn easy magic sounds funny considering what is all involved in performing magic professionally. Learning magic will never be as easy as using this program.

“This collection from Bryan Dean is probably one of the BEST ways for anyone to learn sommagice truly AMAZING tricks. They are easy-to-do, fun and entertaining.

“And, this set covers it all: cards, money magic, ESP/mental magic and tricks with ordinary objects. And, it’s really great, too! (This isn’t the stuff you get in your local bookstore or at online shops — this is PERFECT for the beginning magician or someone who just wants to learn a few tricks to show off!

“I have a book collection numbering in the hundreds. And, I am proud to add this ‘Learn Easy Magic’ set of ebooks to my library! Great job, Bryan… and thanks!”

— John Cassidy, Professional Magician/Comedian

These long lost secrets resurface… Watch this short 7 minute video…







“I purchased Bryan Dean’s e-books and less than an hour later I was actually performing mind-bending, jaw-dropping, eye-popping tricks like I was David Blaine. MAGIC

My friends are still talking about the party where I amazed the whole room! And, I never performed magic before this!

Thanks for creating such a fun and easy way to learn to be a Magician!”

— Laurie Colwell, Folsom, California

If you want to get them screaming… learn this trick.

The Traveling Ashes

Effect: A small daub of ashes is placed on the palm of the spectator’s left hand. You instruct the spectator to close both of her hands and turn them face down. Several magical moves later, the spectator is instructed to open her hands palm up. The ashes are seen to have traveled from her left palm to her right palm.

The Traveling Ashes is one of my personal favorites, for it is the perfect show-off magic effect when you want to be nonchalant about your skills. The other thing I love about this effect is that the “dirty work” is over before the trick begins! So, all you have to do is concentrate on your presentation of the trick. Also, the magic happens in the spectator’s hands. Nothing is more devastating than having something happen right in your own hands and this trick is a perfect example. The reaction that you will receive will amaze you, even after you have performed it hundreds of times. I personally do this trick almost every day! You’ll love it because it’s easy and you can do this anywhere, anytime! — Bryan Dean

The Secret (In this effect, the part of the magician is played by a man, and the spectator, a woman.) What you need is a dirty ashtray. The cigarette ashes should be “fresh” — less than an hour old. Fresh ashes will stick to the skin better (see The Method).

The Preparation:

First of all, the best time to set up is just before you are about to begin. Furthermore, the best scenario is to sit at a table or at the bar where a dirty ashtray is present. Without being obvious about it, move the ashtray “out of your way” to one side or another. As you do this, your middle finger pushes into the ashes causing the ash to stick to the tip of the middle finger. (For this explanation, we’ll use the right middle finger.) Also, don’t go into the trick at this point; you might want to wait a few minutes before you begin. Just don’t touch anything with your middle finger.

Also, be sure that your hand does not hover over the table top. Some ashes might drop onto the surface of the table, effectively ruining the trick. (Personally, I hold my hand on the edge of the table, with my fingers relaxed and off the table.) Keep your hand and fingers relaxed and natural.

The Method: When you are ready, tell the spectator, “Hold your hands like this.” You are holding your arms at your waist level, with both hands, palm down, relaxed and limp. Your fingers are pointed in the spectator’s direction.

This is important:

Your hands must be relaxed and limp because if they are tense and flat, your middle finger will point right at your spectator — and they will see the ashes! Here’s the preparation: When your spectator mimics your action, you take both of her hands in your hands and, at the same time, your right and left hands gently move the spectator’s hands apart just a few inches. Note: Your thumbs are on top of her hands, and your fingers are below while both of your middle fingers press gently upon the palm of the spectator’s hands.

This will do one thing:

The right middle finger, as it touches the palm of the spectator’s left hand, will deposit a smear of ash onto her left palm. (Read this entire paragraph again.) Now, since you are doing the same exact motions with both hands, that is, your left middle finger as well as the right middle finger are touching the palms of her hands, it will be as if you are just separating her hands. And, it should be done in a matter-of-fact manner. Don’t make a move out of it, please. Just separate her hands, and say, “No, like this.”

A brief review: You have moved the ashtray and secured some ash to the tip of your right middle finger. After a few minutes, you say to your friend, “Hold your hands like this,” as you hold your hands in a relaxed and limp manner at your waist level. When she mimics your hand and arm positions, you say, “No, like this,” as you gently move her hands apart a few inches.

Practice this repeatedly with a friend. The whole process, beginning with, “Hold your hands like this,” and ending with, “No, like this,” should take just about five seconds. Amazingly, the trick is over; the rest is acting and presentation. Your spectator, though, doesn’t even know that the trick has begun! (Unfair, isn’t it?) Tell the spectator, “Now, close your hands into two loose fists, like this.” As you say this, you close both of your hands into two very loose fists with the back of your hands facing the ceiling. You finger tips are not even touching your palms.

The reason is simple:

If your spectator closes her hands into two tight fists, her fingers will smear the ashes that are on her left palm — and that’s not good.

After she makes two loose fists you, very obviously, dab your right middle finger into the ashes in the ashtray. You’ll get a few odd looks in your direction as you do this. With the ashes on your right middle finger, say, “Pick right or left hand.” As you are saying this, you are gesturing to her right and left fists with your left hand. Remember, that her right hand is opposite your left hand, and her left hand is opposite your right hand. Now, one of two things will happen: either she’ll say “Right” or “Left”.

Here is what you do:

If she says, “Right”, you say, “Great! Turn over and open your right hand.” If she says, “Left”, you say, “Great! Keep your left hand closed and turn over and open your right hand.” You see, no matter what she says, she must turn over and open her right hand! When she opens her palm-up right hand touch the center of her right palm with your ash-tipped middle finger. Make sure that you get a nice dark “mark” on the palm. If you need more ash, dab your finger into the ashtray and put some more ashes on her open right palm. You want just enough ash to make a mark on her palm that is dark enough to see.

Again, you might get some weird looks — especially from your friend. Grab a napkin and wipe off your hands. If no napkin is available, just rub your hands together, use your pants, or whatever. You just want, without pointing it out, to show your spectator that your fingers are clean.

At this point it is very important that you do not touch the spectator in any way from now until the end of the trick! You say, “Close you hand and turn it over.” She does. Make a few “magical gestures” over her right hand. (Magical gestures are left up to you.) You say to her, “Open your right hand and turn it over.” Yes, her right hand. She does and, you both look at the ashes. Look just slightly annoyed (as if something didn’t happen) and say, “I’m not sure if this worked?”


Try it again. Close your hand and turn it over. Make some more “magical gestures” over her right hand and say, “Now, open your right hand and turn it over.” She does. Wait a beat and then say, “Turn your left hand over and open it up!” She sees the ashes on her left palm and screams.

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