TOAD: Performance Tuning Software



ATTENTION all serious DIY home car owners or auto mechanics…

“ Quickly, Easily and Safely ‘HACK’ Your Car To Run Better & Faster — Also Save Money and Time On Repairs By…

Performing Advanced OBD Diagnostics, Reading/Clearing Faults… And Legally Optimize Performance, HP, Fuel Efficiency, Torque, Engine Longevity and Power — Just Like $250p/h Professional Mechanics Would Do… ”



First of all, it is super expensive to take your car to any shop to get work done on it. In addition, it seems that the shop doesn’t always fix the problem after paying them hundreds of dollars. Now, there is an awesome tuning device called T.O.A.D.  Here is the best tuning device on the market at your fingertips. This amazing device is for all vehicles with a computer system on board.

There is nothing like squeezing every last pony out of your ride. Performance is the number one goal for T.O.A.D. and definitely keeping the customer in mind. Get your hands on this great tuning device and start squeezing every ounce of performance out of their machine. Have fun and get your tune on…

It will show you in precise detail what’s going on inside different systems via visual, easy-to-understand customizable graphs.

You can also make optimized performance changes by editing, tuning and reprogramming cars ECU chip data. This is typically called “car tuning”.

We make this possible for you by including 17 sensational car-manufacturer-approved OBD2 software. Also, that will connect to your vehicle as seen below:



What’s more, TOAD will instantly show you existing problems and DTC ‘check engine’ faults often associated with the concerning “malfunction indicator light” (MIL) on the dashboard.

But, our OBD diagnostic tool goes beyond traditional OBD2 scan tools or handheld OBD code readers. TOAD will tell you where the ‘check engine’ related fault is LOCATED and how to fix it. This is something you’ll only find possible at mechanics. Now you’re totally in control!

In short, this kind of thorough OBD tool capability could save your car from potential future failures — ultimately saving you thousands of lost dollars, time and frustration before the vehicle brakes down unexpectedly. Worse yet, leaving you or your customer stranded!

FACT : TOAD on average extracts 50-90% more DTC ‘check engine’ fault codes and critical operations data… than Android/iOS apps (like Torque, OBD Car Doctor, DashCommand, ScanMaster, EOBD Facile), or common hand-held OBD2 scan tools. This is because TOAD is constantly improved by finest car engineers and technicians responsible for moving auto-industry standards forward.

Bottom line: Finally, this is the SAME type of software that’s usually ONLY reserved for highest rated, registered and acclaimed car repair shops, manufacturers, serviceman and mechanics — which they pay upwards of $3,000 to obtain. And it’s now available to you at fraction of the cost and with same capabilities as you’ll see below.

TOAD OBD Software Features and Benefits…


Clear your Check Engine Light:Don’t waste your time and money going to a mechanic just to find out why your check-engine light on. A mechanic will typically charge you $75 for this simple diagnostic procedure. Using our scan tool, you could do it at home at your convenience. Without the frustration of going to the mechanic only to find out your petrol/gas cap was loose.




Pass Emissions Testing:Is it time of your vehicle to get an emissions test? Most status in USA and other countries now do their testing through the OBD-II port. Our T.O.A.D scan tool package will let you to check your own vehicles emissions status. All, before you go wait in line to pay for the test. This way you can be 100% confident it’ll pass!