Pet Loss Grieving Control: Pet Loss Guide

Who Else Wants To Move Forward Through The Grief of Pet Loss… Rather Than Sitting And Crying Helplessly?

Using Robin Jean Brown’s Dependable ROAR Method.

pet lossIf you loved your pet, this special guide is necessary…to get the help you need right now. Instantly. Even if it’s 3 in the morning. 

All pet lovers have to face pet loss, sooner or later.

Other people don’t understand what it’s like. They may think that “it’s just a dog,” “only a cat,” or “just a rabbit.” But you and I know that the pain of pet loss that we feel is very deep and very real.

You see, it’s not only the loss through the death of your animal…but also the losses of companionship, comfort, security and love…that cause your pain.

First and foremost,

being an avid pet owner myself, I have had to grieve over a loss of pet multiple times. Although, I know it is inevitable that I will outlive my pets, I still insist on getting one. I love owning pets. They are so calm and relaxing. Dogs mainly, but I have had other breeds of animals in the past. So, after all the losses I have been through the feeling never changes. There is always a lot of heart ache, depression, and guilt of feeling there was something you could have done to prolong their life.

Every pet that I have ever owned has passed away in my possession and is not a good feeling. I will never forget any one of my pets that I lost. All of them have been so dear to me. I have always had somebody there to lean on, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Now, if you don’t have anybody there to be your rock and listen to you for support, then this book and program will help. As long as, you follow each step, life will be so much easier to cope with after losing a loved one. I am not saying this will cure or fix anybody’s feelings and emotions but it will definitely help.

Robin Jean Brown faced that journey when her beloved companion animal died in April 2005 after a long, painful ordeal with brain cancer.

An Easy To Follow Guide pet lossThat Will Show You Exactly What To Do To Cope with Pet Loss

Robin’s ebook will take you by the hand and lead you through all five stages of grief. How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery is not something that’s passive, where you just read about other people.

Instead you’ll find exercises and self-help activities that will help you work through your pain. Every chapter has Journaling Questions that will validate the sorrow that you’re feeling, as Robin leads you to create your own unique story of you and your beloved pet.

Robin is a kind, understanding person, because she’s been through the sadness herself of losing a pet who she considered to be her closest friend in the world.

Many people don’t understand this truth: “Grief is like a raging river. In order to get to the other side, you must swim through it. And if you avoid swimming through, you’ll never get to other side.”


You’ll Have Instant Help To Get You Through The Turmoil, Sadness, and Tears

That’s because this special guide is available in ebook format that you download instantly. That means that you get this effective material when you need it the most — right now.

  • There’s no waiting in line at the bookstore, and no waiting for a shipment to arrive in the mail.
  • You can instantly get this comforting material right now. I mean within the next minute you can be reading it!
  • You’ll find glimmers of hope when you learn:The “when’s” and “how’s” of your relationship with your pet. You’ll feel comforted when you use this worksheet Robin gives you. (Page 23)
  • How deep is your love for your pet? The answer may surprise you…and warm your heart. (Page 33)
  • Who your pet really was. When you finish this exercise, you’ll know all about your pet’s personality, breed, health, and what made them a good pet. You’ll even know what some good rescue organizations are. (Page 41)
  • Do you sometimes forget your pet is gone — only to suddenly remember that they are, and then you break down crying? This is totally normal and is part of the denial stage of grief. You’ll get an action plan to work through this. (Page 49)

Are you racked with guilt because you feel like there was something you could have done to make your pet live longer and happier?

Robin reveals why guilt is harming you unnecessarily – which is not what your pet would have wanted. She works with you to find out the underlying irrational belief that’s causing your guilt. (Page 93) Then Robin reveals the exact steps to erase your guilt. (Page 98)

How to have your pet die with dignity, in comfortable conditions with the people they love…through hospice care. Hospice is a familiar program for humans who want a sense of calm and safety during their final moments. Now animal hospice care is more widely available, and you’ll learn the exact steps to take if you want to pursue this humane option. (Page 109)

After you’ve worked through the stages of grief, there’s a little known but highly-needed way to help animals that is actually the best way to reintroduce yourself to the possibility of a new pet. (Page 124)

Robin Jean Brown understands firsthand the deep bond that can develop between person and animal. She’s not some cold psychologist, but rather a pet owner herself who dealt with her own painful journey through the grieving process.

She found that there wasn’t a lot of help for her. Other books are either too cold and clinical…or they’re too sad, and just make you cry harder. And none of them had workbook-style questions to guide her through her journey.

So Robin wrote the guide herself – to deal with your grief, effectively and step by step. She is personal, empathetic, and comforting – yet at the same time she’ll help you move through your grief.

Her special ebook will introduce you to a revolutionary way of coping with pet loss. Robin developed and delicately refined a 4 Step Technique for coping with pet loss that she coined “ROAR.”

Here’s a brief introduction to this technique by Robin Jean Brown herself…

It’s easy to remain passive during the grief process and to see yourself as nothing more than a helpless victim. For this reason, it’s important to use your acceptance of the situation as a jumping off point for a renewed commitment to your life. Going beyond the five stages of grief helps you to ROAR into a new existence.

Here’s what Robin Jean Brown promises you – soon after learning the “ROAR” method to grieve the death of your pet…

Embracing life again is such an exciting possibility and you are at the point to do just that. You have acknowledged and dealt with the pain of death. You have explored the grief process and know how to move on. You respect the lives of those no longer with us and appreciate that you need to live joyfully too. Guilt, denial and anger are banished from your outlook, and you are emotionally healthy once again.

So, If You Have Pet Loss–
Do You Want To Embrace Your Life, And Be Emotionally Healthy Again?