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Going to the movies is always an exciting time. It is the perfect date, pass time, and all around entertainment overload. My girlfriend and I love going to the movies. It totally gives us an opportunity for date night and have a good laugh. Being that there are so many great movies, it always so hard to choose what kind of movie I want to watch.

I feel like I am an all around movie watcher. All genres have amazing movies, which make it hard to pick just one. When I am with my girlfriend at the movies it seems that comedy always takes the win. A good action movie is always the pick when I go with my step-dad and other friends. There is something about new technology that seems to make all of the new movies have such awesome special effects.

Now, technology brings us more action packed excitement. Below, you will find information on the best entertainment gift for all ages. Streaming unlimited movies is the wave of the future, so get all of your favorite movies here:

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